June/July 2020 News

Rector’s Letter

How has it been for you? The most common word I’ve heard used about what we are going through is, ‘strange’. We know that awful things are going on out there but  for some of us with roomy houses and gardens, beautiful countryside to walk in, and excellent local shops to deliver it has been bearable at least. But no one has experienced anything like this before and we don’t know what the future holds which is part of what makes it strange.

Chatting with people I have heard about the strains of home schooling. I have heard about some people who are lonely and very happy to have a call from somebody and others who prefer not to bother anyone. Funeral directors have told me about the strangeness of funerals where there is no consolatory hugging and no handshakes. My two young sons have missed friends and being given the chance to prove what they have learned in an exam. This is a small selection of stories I’ve heard about life under lockdown.

One of the most difficult parts has been the uncertainty. When is it going to end? Am I keeping the correct social distance? Can I take my mum out for a drive in the car? But most of all it just feels strange.

There are well researched stages of reaction and symptoms arising from lockdown. These are similar to the stages of grief; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.  We will most likely at some point all feel these emotions.

These are all natural responses and we are not alone in feeling them. In fact, acknowledging them and working through them, helps us to move on. On the positive side the other topic mentioned time and again is community and people looking out for each other. We gather on Thursdays to show our appreciation for carers, we call our neighbours and check if we can do some shopping or fetch a prescription – or just chat. There hasn’t been one person I have spoken to who didn’t want this outbreak of caring for others, this kindness, to continue. We look forward to the good things that will grow out of the darkness. We want to keep that community spirit going. I wonder if we will manage to do so.

I hope we do. I hope we will make it our business to keep it going. The ‘new normal’ should have neighbourliness firmly at it’s heart. Even the smallest thing makes a difference, a phone call or continuing to appreciate the work of carers of every kind even after the crisis is over.

One thing I do know is that some people will have during the lockdown suffered tragedy, lost loved ones in very difficult circumstances, entered into depression. Some may have kept going throughout the crisis to collapse physically or emotionally when things begin to look better. In our determination to maintain the community spirit. Let us ensure that we maintain the kindness and not judge. (That’s God’s job) but help and understand. Let us continue to build a loving, kind, compassionate community. We are the body of Christ, his hands and feet on earth and this is the work that we are to do.

From Ephesians 4.31-5.2

Put away from you all bitterness and wrath and anger and wrangling and slander, together with all malice, and be kind to one another, tender hearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ has forgiven you.  Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children,  and live in love, as Christ loved us[c] and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.

A prayer

Holy Father, in your mercy

Hear our earnest prayer

Keep our loved ones, now far distant,

‘Neath your care.

When in sorrow, when in danger,

When in loneliness,

In your love look down and comfort

Their distress.

May the joy of your salvation

Be their strength and stay;

May they love and may they praise you

Day by day.    

Services schedule

Sunday live streamed eucharist from St Mary’s Pembridge or the Rectory. 11.00 am.

You can find this on Anna’s Facebook page or on Youtube.

Dial a sermon Call this number to hear the weeks sermon read by Anna 01584 701985

Mroning Prayer

Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday I say Morning prayer at 9.00 am. You are welcome to join in in spirit.         


News from Staunton on Arrow

So, Staunton on Arrow in lockdown.

Even though we are a small and spread out community, Staunton has pulled together during this difficult time.

We are helping each other with daily tasks and communicating ideas and information via a WhatsApp support group. 

Every Thursday we can just about hear our closest neighbours clap for carers. Flags were displayed and photos of afternoon teas shared on VE day. 

I’ve heard of people entertaining themselves with online Bridge,  quizzes and even a virtual rowing Regatta on rowing machines in garages!  

We, as everyone does, look forward to a time we can once again gather as a village but until then there is lots of support should anyone need anything.

Contact Debbie Weaver 01544 388238

April/May 2020 News

Rector’s Letter

As I write this, I am isolated in my room with symptoms of the Coronavirus. By the time this goes to print there will be further developments. The pace of this pandemic and that we know very little about the most effective way of handling it means that hard facts are in short supply. We are facing a great deal of trouble and uncertainty. As Christians we must put forward all our best efforts to help.

I have received this from the Rural Dean and couldn’t put it better;

In these times of anxiety we shall try to abide by these principles:

– keep calm & trust the advice given by relevant authorities, including the government and the Church of England
– protect the vulnerable who are most at risk from the virus
– love much and love well, which means, be generous and kind towards others,

and be wise in   doing so
– work with the whole community to wholeheartedly play our part in a generous response to the situation
– be transparent and open with one another, sharing accurate and up to date

information as openly as possible

One of the things I have heard said a great deal is, ‘Be kind to one another.’ This is something we Christians can wholeheartedly get behind. Let us love one another as He loves us. We are witnessing many ways in which people are already doing just that – helping out neighbours, offering practical support and consolation. Some have said it’s the first time they had been in contact with their neighbours. It is perhaps a part of God’s plan that we only start to discover how to truly be community when we are isolated from each other.

Church of England and Government guidelines mean that there will be no church services for the foreseeable future. This does not mean that there will be no services, in fact, there will be many services; online, streamed on Facebook and other such social media and many people will be praying at home.

Like many other priests across the country I will be saying Morning Prayer every weekday morning at 9.00 and Compline on a Saturday evening at 7.00. in my home.

I will make copies of the services available for anyone who wants to pray along with me in their homes.  If you know of someone who might want to join in please pass them on. Let us not lose contact with each other. Let us continue to be the Church even at a distance.

Let us pray for each other and for the world. Let us pray for fortitude and compassion and for hope.

I will post regularly on our website and Facebook pages. I am available on 07777692458 phone or text and email abranston2002@gmail.com I am praying for us all. If you have a prayer request please let me know and I will add your prayer to the list.

The Arrowvale Group of Parishes

Byton, Shobdon, Lyonshall, Staunton on Arrow, Pembridge with Moorcourt

Worship and prayer resources to use during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If there is any way I can help even if you just want a chat call me on;


If the line is busy do leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

You can also email me on abranston2002@gmail.com


Rev’d Anna Branston

Rector of the Arrowvale Group of Parishes

Byton News

Bridge Afternoon
Thank you to all who attended and all the people who helped in any way towards making this afternoon such a successful one for our church funds.
Future Date for Diaries
On Sat. June20th we are planning to hold A Midsummer Madness and BBQ at The Old Rectory, Byton, by kind permission of Paul and Rosemary Segrott. More details will be in the next magazine.

 Lyonshall News

Join local Whats App group for support

Over the coming weeks Parishioners will have to look to each for help and support and hopefully offers will be popping up to meet local needs. Please remember to be kind – look out for your neighbours, old and young, keep in touch and everyone will get through this difficult time!

Daniel Sutton who lives at Grove House, opposite White Lions Meadow (the house with the green gates) has taken first steps and set up a WhatsApp group for Lyonshall Village today to communicate and support each other over the coming months.

It can be used any way, simply from giving people the comfort of day to day contact with the outside world, through to sharing knowledge/reassurance to those looking for guidance.

If you are comfortable with this and would like to be added,  either text or WhatsApp Daniel on his mobile number 0798 4946 933, with the following information : – Full Name – Address – Mobile Number and he will add you to the group.

He can also add people from surrounding villages if they wish to be added. The more the merrier! The road ahead is going to be a long one but we’ll get through it together by sharing the load and keeping an eye out for each other. 

Daniel Sutton Mob:0798 494 6933 Email: danielsutton2000@hotmail.com

Other Parishioners have also offered help and support to those isolated, so please just ask if you are struggling. keep safe and well.

Lyonshall Coffee Mornings

Join us at the Memorial Hall, Lyonshall, for our monthly Coffee Mornings every second Friday, between 10 and 12 noon.

Due to Covid-19 outbreak concerns, we have regrettably had to cancel our April Coffee Morning which was due to be hosted at Lynhales, due to the refurbishment of the Memorial Hall.

If the situation has improved, the May Coffee Morning will be held on Friday 8th May. This is due to coincide with the VE Day Bank Holiday Weekend.

There are a number of events being planned this May Bank Holiday weekend for our community, but this is now all subject to change.

Look out for posters and flyers through your letter-box nearer to the time, updating you of any potential events. Also check out the Memorial Hall Facebook page for updates.

Fundraising news…

On a more positive note, in February we raised £150 for Regency High School, Worcester, fundraising appeal. In March, £100 was donated to the County Air Ambulance Trust.

Come along to our monthly social get-together and meet some old friends and new.

Enjoy refreshments, stalls and good company in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and support a good cause at the same time.

For further details or to arrange transport, please contact Kathy Thompson on 01544 340386. Everyone welcome.

Bridge Drive

A very successful and enjoyable afternoon of Bridge was held at Next End Farm, Lyonshall, on February 26th. Many thanks to Julie Green for hosting the afternoon and to everyone who helped provide the delicious tea and gave prizes etc. The excellent sum of £376 was made for church funds.

Mary Elsie Needham 1920 – 2020

Mary Needham moved to Lyonshall in 1951 with her two daughters, Jill and Catherine, and her mother.

She quickly became well known in the area for her craft skills, especially needlework, upholstery and crochet, and went on to give craft lessons at Lady Hawkins School and she took classes in many village halls. Mary was also often asked to judge the craft classes at local Shows. She was a member of the WI and was the first woman councillor on Lyonshall Parish Council. She also played the church organ at Lyonshall and Titley for many years.

She lived to be 100 years old and although her last years were spent in Kington, Mary will be fondly remembered in Lyonshall, not only for her considerable talents, but also as a kind and generous, and always cheerful member of the community.

From the Registers

Funeral       Mary Elsie Needham                March 9th

Pembridge News

Music in Quiet Places Concert – March 6th – Pembridge Church 7.00pm  

We had a full church for the Music in Quiet Places concert and were rewarded with an excellent evening of entertainment sung by Cantabile and The Cathedral School Chamber choir. This was a joint venture with the Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust who raise monies to support the maintenance of religious buildings throughout our country. We have been given monies in the past and are seeking further funds to help us to continue with our window repairs.

Window Appeal

Please don’t forget the ongoing window appeal.

Food Bank.

Also please don’t forget the food bank drop off point located at the back of the church. The food collected is taken to the Kington Community Larder where it is distributed to those in need. If you are in need please contact your health visitor or contact The Rector on 07777692458

Please support this worthwhile cause. At the moment we are taking a delivery every 2 weeks which is much appreciated.


11.1.2020  – Bob Naylor – Memorial

10.3.2020 – Keith William Ward – Burial

14.3.2020 – Elizabeth Jane Duffield – Burial

18.3.2020 – Rosemary Mayall – Memorial

Pembridge WI  has now become PALs (Pembridge Active Ladies).

We meet in the Village Hall on the second Wednesday of the month (Wed 8th April,  Wed.13th May at 7.00pm)  and our activities include the reading group meeting in our homes, tea and chat in The Steppes, ten-pin bowling at The Grove, walking and lunching and taking coach trips and train trips and anything that any of us cares to organise.

If you would like to join us at any time for fun, friendship and support, we would be very pleased for you to do so (there is no annual fee, only the cost of the event at the time).

These meetings are all subject to coronavirus permitting – of course!!!!!

Contact Marguerite Fothergill 01544388279   margueritefothergill@gmail.com for details of events that are happening.

Rosemary Mayall

It was with great sadness that Rosemary passed away on 18th February, just 2 days before her 71st birthday. 

Rosemary had a huge circle of friends from all walks of life.  She had been a popular teacher before retirement but continued to support children, especially at Pembridge School, where she enjoyed working to encourage their creative skills.   She was also very involved with Messy Church and enjoyed creating activities for children in church at Easter, Christmas and other major festivals.  

She was involved in developing the Pembridge Tapestries from the beginning and also the Pembridge Map, where her design and stitching skills are there for everyone to see.   She continued the craft group with teaching us all how to make cards for special occasions.  Her crocheting skills were legendary, producing many things such as shawls for newborn babies and a variety of animals including her famous Pembridge Bats and items for our church shop.   She was responsible for crocheting a whole raft of poppies for the amazing First World War Commemoration.   

If you didn’t know Rosemary you would almost certainly have bought a raffle ticket from her at all our church events.   She had a wonderful sense of humour, was generous to a fault and will be very greatly missed by her family and especially by all her friends.

Dear Friends

I officially retired as a Reader on 23rd February when the Revd Preb Dr John Daniels visited Pembridge to present me with a Reader Emeritus certificate, which I was honoured to receive.   Having reached the age of 75 and having been a Reader for over 36 years I felt that it was time to take a back seat.   (After all, Archbishop John Sentamu once said that everyone should retire at 70 because after that age you can become rather ga ga!!)

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your kindness and support that you have given me over the last 11 years.   It has been a great privilege to have served as a Reader in the Arrowvale Group and I know that I will greatly miss being part of the ministry team.

With love and best wishes, Ian

The photo shows the presentation of my Certificate by the Revd Preb Dr John Daniels (Diocesan Warden of Readers), Anne, Anna and Henry Verwey (Deanery Sub Warden of Readers).

Shobdon News

The last year has shown how important Shobdon Church is to, not only the village of Shobdon, but the wider community. We think it might be interesting for people to know a few facts and figures.

During 2019, 49 regular services were held, 5 marriages, 5 funerals and thanksgivings, and 13 christenings. Each Thursday the Rector says Morning Prayer in Church and would be delighted to welcome anyone to join her. 

In addition, Shobdon School came to Church for Christmas Nativity plays, a School Mothers’ and Special People’s Day Service, a Leavers’ Service and they helped tremendously with the biannual Flower Festival by decorating the porch in their own uniquely fantastic way.

We get our income from donations from visitors, church collections, fundraising and a few regular donations. We are waiting for the delivery of a contactless donation machine to be put in the porch, which will make it easier for people to give, particularly the estimated 7,000 visitors who visit the nationally acclaimed building.

Please, if you would like any more information, do ask any of the PCC listed below.  They will be delighted to discuss anything. 

Pauline Surtees 708 254

Caroline Jones (Churchwarden)  708 043 Pearl Teale 708 725

Sarah Westaby (Churchwarden) 708 740 Heather Weale 708 754

Anne Walker 708 712 Marcia Lynch-Staunton 708 360


This year, on 20th June, by kind permission of Chris and Alison Jaques, we are holding a fete  at The Tan House. In order to make a success of the event we will need lots of help! If you feel you could help in any way please contact  a member of the PCC. Further details in the next issue of The Messenger. 

From Our Registers 

18th January                 Megan Olive Preece           Funeral

18th February                Ann Wozencroft                  Funeral 

Anthony Sevier Lias (Tony) who passed away on Monday 30th September 2019
 Funeral at Hereford Crematorium Thursday 17th Oct 2019 at 2.15.

Staunton on Arrow News


This year our annual post-Christmas lunch was held at The Cider Barn on the 19th January.  This is always a convivial occasion that is made more so by the company of husbands and friends.  The menu was innovative, with a wide choice.  Everyone departed well sated and probably ready for nothing but a post-prandial nap.

On February 12th   at our monthly meeting, members were treated to a talk and demonstration by Amanda Jane Millinery. Mandy explained how she got into hat making as a hobby and showed us some of her materials and blocks that she uses. Each project takes about 3 weeks and is all hand sewn. Members had great excitement trying everything on afterwards.  A very talented lady who needs more publicity as most of us had never heard of her local business.

On the last Tuesday of the month eight members lunched together at The Mortimer Cross Inn where they were able to choose between a variety of roasts and a vegetarian alternative. 

We welcomed Penny Platt to our March meeting when she talked to us about “Iran Unveiled”, an account of her holiday to that country accompanied by her photographs.  Undoubtedly some of us were pleasantly surprised by the welcome given by the Iranian people to visitors from the UK. 


In view of the risks to the health of both members and guests Staunton WI has decided to postpone all meetings until further notice.  This decision is one made with regret but undoubtedly the pandemic will pass.  When it does please consider visiting us at our meetings with a view to joining us as a full member: visitors and prospective members of all ages are welcome – £4 to include refreshments.  7.30 pm at Staunton on Arrow village hall. 

There is more information about us plus photos, reports of our meetings and other activities on our website.  www.stauntononarrowwi.weebly.com

Alison Lord:  Correspondence Secretary – 01544340256

Vanessa Woodward:      Minutes Secretary – 01544388964

Village Hall News

The village is planning an Afternoon Tea Party to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of VE Day on Friday 8th May, from 2.30.   Meeting at the village hall for a ‘bring and share’ afternoon tea, with hopefully some traditional games for our youngsters. If you have any ideas, please contact me. Tea and coffee will be provided but if you wish to bring something more to celebrate, please feel free.

Our annual Village Clean Up Day is Saturday 16th May from 9am. We gather at the hall to sweep, garden, and clean, and if we get loads of volunteers, we will spread out further afield.

Our annual Village Hall AGM is planned for MondayMay  18th at 7pm. If you are interested in keeping our lovely hall up and running, please pop along and support us.

We are also planning our annual BBQ in July, date as yet to be announced and our Fish & Chip Supper quiz in September.

At the time of writing this, everything appears to be up in the air and so may be cancelled. Our Coffee Spot and Film Evenings have been suspended until further notice. With our famous Staunton spirit, if anyone is needing of support in this difficult time, with shopping, collecting prescriptions or just a phone call because you are lonely let us know. Look after your neighbours!!! Debbie

MU – Arrowvale Branch

Being part of a worldwide organisation of nearly 4 million members in 75 countries all working together towards improving family life in their communities through practical action and prayer is rather exciting! Do come and learn about us here in our corner of Herefordshire.

We have monthly meetings, except January, on the 4th Tuesday at 2.30pm at various local locations. 

At February’s meeting, one of our members The Rev’d Anna Branston, told us about her journey from Director of a centre for re-habilitation of offenders to her Ordination: a most interesting and insightful talk.  After celebrating Holy Communion together in Sandra’s dining room, we tucked into delicious homemade and well tossed pancakes.  After all, it was Shrove Tuesday! We spent a lovely, friendly afternoon together.  Our age range spans 5 decades, so we have lively discussions; age is no barrier to joining us.

Future events and meetings: The 28th April is our Quiet Day held at The Priory, Leominster.  On 12th May we will be visiting Llyswen MU. On 14th May there are midday prayers in the Audley Chapel, Hereford Cathedral; on the 18th May there is a Meet and Share Day at Kimbolton Village Hall.  26th May we will be meeting at Sandra Evans’ house, Glebe Cottage, Staunton On Arrow at 2.30pm. If you would like transport to any of these events or indeed further information as to whether or not they will go ahead because of the Coronavirus, please contact Sandra on 01544 388742.

An extract from Roger Phillips Supplementary Update

Dear residents

This is a challenging time for us all and I am working with my Parish Councils and asking them to develop  some local support mechanisms of volunteers  for our isolated residents in our communities. You will be receiving correspondence from Herefordshire Council in the post which aims to identify those vulnerable people so that we can liaise locally on support.

Our communities will be looking for volunteers. If you are of a younger age perhaps you could volunteer to help collect prescriptions, some shopping or just contacting. More mature vulnerable adults could help by phoning .

Local Details will be found on village and community website, in particular the Shobdon Village facebook website  which has regular updates. We need to take the national advice seriously and act with common sense.

I think we all need in the weeks and months ahead to become Nice Nosey Neighbours.

Shobdon Post Office will be open from 8.30 to 9 am on Mondays and Fridays for vulnerable customers by appointment only with Pauline on 01568708338 to ensure minimum contact risk.

I am aware that many of our pubs and cafes will be offering home services including the Bateman Pub who are doing food orders for collection or delivery and some groceries including food, fruit and veg, and snacks.

Also, there are delivery and take away offers from the Cider Barn, the Olde Steppes and Lyonshall Nursery

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29th April 2020 10.30am – 4.00pm


Due to the health risks associated with Corona Virus, it is with great sadness we have cancelled The Cart Shed’s Spring Plant Fair on 29th April 2020 at Broxwood Court. 

It is likely to be a tough year for The Cart Shed Charity, businesses and individuals.

As a mental health charity we will be supporting people through this period of crisis and recovery. Any donations you feel you may be able to give the charity at this challenging time will be gratefully received.  01544 318231 info@thecartshed.co.uk www.thecartshed.co.uk Thank you for your support and understanding. Katie Eastaugh CEO The Cart Shed Charity. 

Kington U3A

The April meeting of U3A has been  cancelled due to the ongoing situation with coronovirus. It is very likely this will continue for several further months. The secretary is sending out regular updates to members by email or phone so look out for them. There will be more information as we all know more. Stay safe everyone

The Friends of St Thomas à Becket Church, Huntington

We are sorry to announce the postponement of the Elizabeth Banks Talk on 4th April and The Lay Clerks Choir on 9th May.

We hope to reschedule at a future date. For further information – 07855 300175

February/March 2020 news

Byton News

Bob Naylor

It was with great sadness that we heard of the untimely death of Bob Naylor. Bob was well known and respected in our community.

He was a staunch supporter of our church at Byton, winding the clock, reading regularly and always willing to lend a hand to help whenever needed.

We all send our sympathy to Mandy and Louis. Bob will be sadly missed by us all.

Carol Service

Our Carol Service back in December was well attended. The church was beautifully decorated, and thanks go to Tim and his small group of singers for their musical contribution.

Bridge Drive

Please join us for an Afternoon of Bridge at Kinsham Village Hall on Wednesday, March 4th at 2 pm. This will be followed by an excellent tea provided by our Byton PCC ladies.

Lyonshall News

Lyonshall Coffee Mornings

Join us at the Memorial Hall, Lyonshall, for our monthly Coffee Mornings every second Friday, between 10 and 12 noon.

The next two dates for your diaries are on Friday 14th February and Friday 13th March. 

Advanced notice of a slight change for our Coffee Morning in April. Due to the Memorial Hall being closed for refurbishment during April, Lynhales Nursing Home has kindly offered itself as an alternative venue to host our Coffee Morning.

As the second Friday in April is Good Friday Bank Holiday, we have decided to pull it forward to Friday April 3rd. Usual format, just different surroundings.

Please come along and support if you can.

Fundraising news…

In December we raised £150 for The Salvation Army Christmas Appeal. In January, £120 was donated to CRY, the charity preventing young, sudden cardiac deaths through awareness and screening.

Come along to our monthly social get-together and meet some old friends and new.

Enjoy refreshments, stalls and good company in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and support a good cause at the same time.

For further details or to arrange transport, please contact Kathy Thompson on 01544 340386. Everyone welcome.


Lyonshall Memorial Hall will be temporarily closing from March 23rd to undergo its long-awaited refurbishment.

This will include total replacement of the floor, damp course, insulation of the main hall, updating of lighting and heating, and redecoration.

Thanks to the Co-op Community Fund and the National Lottery Community Fund Grants for making this possible, not to mention tireless fundraising by the Hall Committee.

We look forward to re-opening our doors in early May with a bit of a do to celebrate VE Day Bank Holiday Weekend! Details to follow in April…..

Lyonshall Carol Service

This service was held on Sunday December 22nd and 101 people attended it! We enjoyed the Christmas readings and the carols, some that we don’t sing very often and enjoyed the singing of the Arrowvale Choir and the organ playing by Tim Hollinghurst, all coordinated by Anthony Mills. It was really lovely to see the church so full of people and filled with such a warm and happy atmosphere and that was before the mulled wine and mince pies!

Thank you to everyone who contributed in any way, it truly conveyed the proper meaning of Christmas in our community.

Titley Lunch 2020

The date for this popular event is April 23rd at 10.45 am.

The speaker is Judith Holder and her subject is “The Baby Boomers’ Guide To Growing Old”.

Bridge Drive

We are holding an afternoon of Bridge at Next End, Lyonshall, by kind invitation of Julie Green, on Wednesday February 26th at 2.30 pm. £10 per person including tea and there will also be a Draw. All proceeds to Lyonshall Church Funds.

Lyonshall Church Friends Draw Winners

Nick Layton, Sarah White, John Clayton, Jean Howard and Anto Morley.

Laura Rowlett, Roy Baker, Rob Williams, Liz Avery and Nick Layton.

From the Registers

Funeral                        January 17th               Mike George

Pembridge News

Woodcock Fayre 23rd November.

Another successful event raising £1200 for church funds. This is becoming a permanent fixture in the calendar and is evolving and getting bigger and better each year. Thank you to those who supported by attending and to the stall holders on turning out on what was not a very nice day. We do appreciate your support.

Christmas Concert with The Village Quire – 14th December 7.30pm.

Another delightful evening of song which was enjoyed by a smallish audience as a prelude to Christmas. Thank you to all who supported this event in whatever way.

Music in Quiet Places Concert – March 6th – Pembridge Church 7.00pm   “ Calling all Gilbert & Sullivan fans ..”

Come and join us at a special Music In Quiet Places Concert – a wonderful evening of Gilbert & Sullivan favourites featuring two award winning local choirs – Cantabile and Chamber Choir from Hereford Cathedral School.  

Refreshments will be served and there will be a retiring collection in aid of Herefordshire Historic Churches Trust and Pembridge Church.


Come and join us for our annual quiz evening on March 28th, 7.30pm. Teams of 6 at a cost of £6 per person, which will include a light supper and soft drinks. Please feel free to bring your own alcoholic drink. Teams can be made up on the night so just come along for an enjoyable evening’s entertainment. 

Easter Lillies      

If you would like to contribute financially towards the Easter Lilies this Easter please give your donations to Mrs Joyce Williams, Marston Court or Gill Smith, Churchwarden. 

If you would like to help decorate the church for Easter, please contact Joyce on 01544 388303.


A very big thank you to you all for your help in filling the rotas required to help the church function. The cleaners, the readers, the coffee makers, the flower arrangers all play a vital role in easing the burden in the day to day running of the church. If you feel you could help at all in filling a gap in our rotas, please contact Jacqui on 01544 388471 or for flower arranging Joyce on 01544 388303. We look forward to hearing from you.

Window Appeal

Please don’t forget the ongoing window appeal.

Food Bank.

Also please don’t forget the food bank drop off point located at the back of the church. The food collected is taken to the Kington Community Larder where it is distributed to those in need. If you are in need please contact your health visitor or contact The Rector on 07777692458

Please support this worthwhile cause. At the moment we are taking a delivery every 2 weeks which is much appreciated.


Feb        2nd        Communion                                                     C Price                             A Anderson

              16th       Communion                                                    C or M Fothergill          S Ingham

               23rd      Family Service/Morning Worship              C or M Fothergill        G Smith

March   1st         Communion                                                     E Hardy                           S Evans

                15th       Communion                                                     R Scott                            E Lynch

              22nd      Family Service/Morning Worship              Tim Hollinghurst          S Ingham

                29th       Group Service                   

April       5th         Palm Sunday                                                      A Ingham           L or M Boore

Carol Singing Around Pembridge Village

This event on Sunday 22nd December raised £370 for Pride in Pembridge and Christmas Trees. Thanks to all who came along.

Rob Williams

Pembridge WI has now become PALs (Pembridge Active Ladies)

We will continue to meet in the Village Hall on the second Wednesday of the month and our activities will carry on as before with the reading group meeting in our homes, tea and chat in The Steppes, ten-pin bowling at The Grove, walking and lunching and taking coach trips and train trips and anything that any of us cares to organise.

If you would like to join us at any time for fun, friendship and support, we would be very pleased for you to do so (there is no annual fee, only the cost of the event at the time).

Wednesday February 12th 2.00 pm Village Hall Inaugural Meeting

Wednesday March 11th 7.00 pm Village Hall An Evening of Paper Craft

Contact Marguerite Fothergill 01544388279 margueritefothergill@gmail.com for details of events that are happening.

Shobdon News

The carol service was very well supported.  After the service we enjoyed mince pies and mulled wine.  A huge thank you to everyone who supplied the mince pies and to Marcia for organising the mulled wine. The collection from the service was given to Leominster Food Bank via Churches Together In Leominster.

It was lovely to welcome the children to the Crib Service to reunite their sheep with the flock. We would like to thank Rachel Gloag for playing the piano during the service and to Anne Walker and Cerian Stokes for leading the service.

We must thank Caroline Griffiths for the generous donation of £400 from the New Year’s Eve Party.

Thank you to all the flower arrangers who work so hard to enhance our beautiful church throughout the year. If you have an interest in flower arranging and feel that you would like to join the flower rota please contact Pearl Teale for more details 015678 708725

We rely on volunteers to open and close the church daily, a huge thank you to those volunteers who help us with this. If you feel you are able to help, please contact Caroline Jones 01568 708043 for more information.

From Our Registers


17th November       Harry David Attwood

12th December        Jack Allen Archer

                                Letty Ann Ethel Taylor

Prayer Meeting

The prayer meeting in Shobdon Methodist Church is running again after the sad loss of founder member John Andrews. We now meet at 11am on the fourth Thursday of each month (Feb 27th and March 26th). As always, this is a meeting where Christians of any denomination or no denomination can find fellowship, and everything said is confidential. Janice Moore

Staunton on Arrow News


On the 6th December thirteen ladies lunched at the Old Railway Garden Centre at Three Cocks.  This was a Christmas lunch and we were treated to extra large portions of turkey with all the trimmings plus a bonus Yorkshire pudding with the alternative of a fish dish.  The venue is interesting as it incorporates garden centre, restaurant and a shop selling various items including a rather tempting selection of country clothing.

Our December meeting was held on 11th December when a Christmas Workshop had been planned but had to be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances.   Once again however, Staunton WI’s ability for innovations came to the rescue, one or two games accompanied by much noise and hilarity, possibly helped by the mulled wine consumed earlier in the meeting.  A visit from Secret Santa was to follow but as he was excessively busy, he had left members to devise their own method of distribution which served to increase the high-spirited atmosphere of the evening.

Christmas having intervened, on 8th January, instead of the usual evening meeting, members met for afternoon tea in the village hall.


Sunday 19th January

Annual post-Christmas lunch at the Cider Barn.

 Wednesday 12th February

Amanda Jane Millinery

Wednesday 11th March

Iran Unveiled – speaker Penny Platts

Please consider visiting us at our meetings with a view to joining us as a full member: visitors and prospective members of all ages are welcome – £4 to include refreshments.  7.30 pm at Staunton on Arrow village hall.

There is more information about us plus photos, reports of our meetings and other activities on our website.  www.stauntononarrowwi.weebly.com

Alison Lord:  Correspondence Secretary   –  01544340256

Vanessa Woodward:      Minutes Secretary  –  01544388964

Olive Vollor

Sandra Evans and family would like to thank everyone for the support and encouragement given, during my Mother’s stay, from July until her death at the beginning of December. The funeral service, giving thanks for the life of Olive Vollor, was held at St Peter’s Church, Staunton on Arrow on 20th December and nearly £300 was raised for the Alzheimer Society and the Macmillan Nurses at St Michael’s Hospice. Thank you again for all your kind words and sympathy; it has been much appreciated.

Sandra Evans


The date for the next U3A meeting is Thursday 13th February, 2pm at Kington Football Club. Mike Watkins and Wilma Hayes will be making a return visit, this time telling us about The Empress of Ireland, What Really Happened? The following meeting on the 12th March will be a talk by Rob Johnston, subject yet to be confirmed. Visitors are welcome, £2, members £1. Contact the secretary Judy Bevan, 340347, for more information about U3A.