The funeral of a loved one acknowledges the closing of a human life on earth. A funeral service is an opportunity for family and friends to gather in one of our peaceful Churches to express their grief, give thanks to God and celebrate a life that has completed its journey through this life, and to commend the soul of the departed into God’s eternal keeping.

When a loved one dies, you will need to contact your Funeral Director in the first instance, who will then contact Anna with regards to organising the funeral arrangements.

But please do contact Anna directly in the meantime if you would like her help and support during this difficult time.

Churchyard and Monuments

Churchyards are set apart for the reverent burial of parishioners: those whose names are on the church Electoral Roll and those who die in the Parish. Our churchyards are part of our Christian faith and heritage.

Churchyards have to be maintained by the parish for generations to come. This means that memorials must be designed to allow for that maintenance and should be as simple as possible. The character of the churchyard depends on the style of the memorials within it and memorials that are significantly different in style to the rest of the graveyard are not permitted.

The Diocese of Hereford has a set of regulations for monuments in the churchyard.  A complete version of the regulations can be found here.

Your stonemason will be able to advise you on what is permitted and the process of applying for permission.

We have places set aside for the burial of ashes.

Do please contact Rev Anna for more information at

Reserving a grave space

If you have a right to be buried in a Parish Churchyard, and there is sufficient space in the churchyard, it is possible to reserve a grave space.

However, the only way to reserve a particular plot for a person’s burial is to obtain a Faculty for that purpose. Faculties are granted in the discretion of the Consistory Court, and good cause must be shown.

Further details, guidance notes (including current fees), and application form can be found here.

You can also read more about funerals at

If you would like to talk about organising a Funeral, or need support following the death of a loved one, please do contact me, Rev’d Anna: or T: 07777 692 458