Lord of faith and truth We bless your holy name.
God of mercy, your love overwhelms us with your generous forgiveness.
Open our hearts to extend this charity to all who are penitent.
May your Church be a place where deliverance abounds.
God of mercy, you hold before us a model of justice tempered by mercy.
Inspire those in political office to promote the restoration of those who offend
Bless the work of rehabilitation centres and projects.
God of mercy, you release us from a debt we can never repay.
We pray for all out of their depth financially and exposed to the unscrupulous.
Bless the work of credit unions and banks that promote responsible lending.
God of mercy, your compassion challenges us to work for relief from suffering.
We continue to pray for the people of Morocco in the aftermath of the earthquake
Bless the work of rescue and aid agencies
Pour out your healing presence on all who struggle to cope with their illness or situation.
Stand between us and all that would destroy us.
God of mercy, whether we live or die we are yours.
Receive in your love all who have died.
Bring us to the place where sins are cancelled and we dwell in the equity of your love.
Lord of faith and truth We bless your holy name.