Jesus, living bread, we come to this meal as your guests.
Unite all whom you invite into a closer body
Forgive and heal the divisions of our making.
Jesus, living bread, you ensure none go hungry from your banquet.
Stir leaders and governments to change structures that impoverish and lead
to destitution.
Forgive and overturn injustice whatever form it takes.
Jesus, living bread, crowds came out to you.
Be among those who gather for festivals, summer camps and celebrations of
your Word.
Refresh in us zeal for your gospel.
Jesus, living bread, your healing touch reached out to the sick
Pour out your restoring presence on all who call out to you.
Lift up all who are bowed down.
Jesus, living bread, you mourned the death of John the Baptist and Lazarus.
Look with compassion on all who mourn.
Raise us to new life with you.