St Peter’s, Staunton on Arrow

stauntonSt. Peter’s Church sits on a hill next to the Norman motte and bailey. The earliest records are of a vicar in 1273 but there was probably a chapel before that. 1853 saw the present-day structure which evolved through many rebuildings over the centuries.

The church came under the patronage of Wigmore Abbey until the ‘Dissolution’ in 1538. Until then the village provided 35 acres of glebe (land) to support a live-in vicar.

Never a rich parish, two local, land-owning, families were its main benefactors – the Parrs and the King Kings. There are tablets in the church and graves of various members from both families.

Visitors often come looking for their relatives’ graves and a record of each one is in preparation showing its place in the grave yard area which surrounds the church and adjoins the old Norman castle.

Both church and yard welcome visitors with quiet simplicity. We who live here hope that you will enjoy something of our Marches corner which was once no mans land between the English and the Welsh!


Clive Edwards Churchwarden –           01544 388831