Baptisms and Weddings


Sean Parsonage  & Nadia Amer Sayed                                                 16th July        Pembridge

Joshua Lewis & Jessica Ann Williams                                                    23rd July        Shobdon

Steven Alexander Underwood & Lauren Michelle Williams          6th August     Shobdon

Lee Grimshaw & Hannah Lucy Williams                                              3rd Sept.        Shobdon


Alexander Edwin Owen                                                                            21st August   Pembridge

Holly Mary Owen                                                                                       21st August   Pembridge

Ethel Mary Rosa Hern                                                                               21st August   Lyonshall

Holy Baptism 

Thank you for enquiring about Baptism. It is always a pleasure to baptise children, and indeed, adults. It is a time of great celebration.

Christian Baptism (often called ‘Christening’) is a Service in which parents and Godparents make solemn promises to God and to the Church. When deciding on Godparents aim to ask people who will help your child grow in the Christian faith, and be good examples and friends to them in the years to come. It is traditional to have three Godparents, (two women and a man for a girl and two men and a woman for a boy); although more are possible.  Godparents must be baptised, and parents can also act as Godparents if desired.

We all need to appreciate the responsibilities we are undertaking, and we want to help parents and Godparents understand the Baptism Service, the promises they will make and their Christian commitment. At baptism your child will be ‘welcomed into the fellowship of faith, as we are all children of the same heavenly Father’.

We would therefore very much like you to meet the Church family at any of our Services. Details can be found on the services page. We aim to make our services ‘child friendly’ but the family services are especially suitable for children.  We hope you will feel relaxed and able to join in the worship.

We can also offer a thanksgiving service, giving thanks to God for the miracle of birth, blessing and publicly naming your child and praying for the whole family. This service does not include any Baptismal promises.

You can find out more about baptism

If you would like to go ahead with Baptism or thanksgiving, contact us and we will normally arrange to visit you at home to fix the date and discuss the service. If you have any further queries please do get in touch.